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What Is Povitica?

Povitica, or Croatian walnut bread, is a nostalgic favorite of many Eastern Europeans and their descendants. In Croatia, Povitica is a favorite of many other neighboring cultures. Known also as Potica in Slovenia, Orechovnik in Slovakia and Štrudla in Serbian, recipes vary from region to region and family to family.

Povitica is rolled yeast bread. It is great for any occasion and is a favorite for special occasions such as holidays, birthdays and weddings. The versatility of this bread makes it perfect for morning coffee and tea, as a simple dessert, or sharing with friends and family.

By some, the process of making povitica is revered as a dying art, made by long gone grandmas and aunts in the “old country.” In the United States, many immigrants have brought their family recipes for povitica and have passed them down, preserving the tradition. It is said that a gift of povitica from one family to another is a symbol of respect and love, making it a perfect hostess gift.

Unlike some coffee cakes and strudels that many Americans are familiar with, povitica is not especially sweet — it doesn’t contain as much sugar as some other cake-like breads. Though best eaten hot from the oven, povitica will keep for several months when frozen.

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